June 1947

"...with the 18-karat crunch!"

(oops, wrong Gordon's)

Russell says: Both 1400 and 1490 are "local" class AM channels.  At the time, maximum power for those stations was a paltry 250 watts.  So neither were able to cover all of Birmingham, which might explain this duplication ... assuming WTNB and WJLD's coverage areas had little overlap.

Russell says: No, it was actually his little brother!  Mr. & Mrs. Kilowatt wanted Prince to follow in Reddy's footsteps and do them proud in the world of electrical engineering.  However, Prince followed his real dream and went into radio, breaking his parents' hearts and bringing shame upon the proud Kilowatt name for generations to come.

Dinner and a movie, Bessemer Super Highway style: A good supper over hi-fi jukebox music at Whitson's, followed by a good flick at Auto Movies.

This must've been the start of a "second weekend" movement in the Summer.  It was customary for merchants to knock off for at least part of Wednesday for rest, golfing or whatever. 

While I'm guessing it was short-lived in larger cities like Birmingham, this practice continued for many years (and often year-round) in many small towns like Troy, Ala.  In fact, as recently as 1992 all the city's banks closed at 12 noon on Wednesdays!

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