January 1947

Although by this time Lucky Strike Cigarettes ("L.S./M.F.T!") was Jack's sponsor for several years, I can't help but wonder about the free advertising former sponsor JELLO was getting with ads like this.  It wasn't until after parting ways with Jello that he began saying "Hello again!" 

RUSSELL SAYS: My grandfather had a name for the smaller oil brands like Mutual, San-Ann, Wavaho, etc.: "Rabbit Gas."  ("I'm lookin' for a 76 or a Shell -- I don't want any of that cotton-pickin' rabbit gas!")  That never made sense to me until several years ago, when I saw an old gas pump light globe with the above logo.

JANUARY 1947: FM comes to Alabama!  But who wants to listen to that?  Let the hi-fi geeks and classical longhairs have it ... we'll stick to the AM we know and love.

WAFM started out at 93.3 on the dial, and would soon move to 99.5.  Eventually it would relocate to 94.5 and evolve into what we know today as WYSF.   (click above to read entire article)

12/14/2006 -- 644 PM EST

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