January 1957

JITNEY-JUNGLE didn't last too long into the modern supermarket era in Alabama, but it remained a major presence in its native Mississippi until 2001, when it was swallowed by WINN-DIXIE.  The company also had a convenience store chain which it called JITNEY-JUNIOR.

That "big 21 inch console" GE telly cost $239, which, adjusted for inflation, would be nearly $1,700 today!  But worry not - with $10 down and $3.44 a week, your kids can watch Cousin Cliff in thrilling big-screen black & white.

I'll take a guess and say that ROYAL CUP was #2, EIGHT O'CLOCK (A&P) came in at #3, and either MAXWELL HOUSE or CHASE & SANBORN was #4.

I'll bet this movie is a big hit at weekend "Marriage Encounter" retreats.

Surreal juxtapose -- Clark Gable is "The King" in this movie ad, which appears right below a small blurb for an Elvis Presley film.  (Come to think of it, I believe I'll take my jelly doughnuts and go see the Kettles...)

"Seasoned to please" ... the familiar "Big Z" icon was still a few years off.

"Debbie Rocks ... Debbie Rolls ... Debbie Sings" ... is this for a movie, or is it an ad for a doll?!  (Meanwhile, in the audience was an aspiring songwriter who thought, "Come On, Get Happy ... that would be a really nifty theme song for a TV sitcom")

Look at that little boy in the ad, admiring all those veggies with a stomach's lust.  What he's really thinking is, "Okay, when is someone gonna invent CHICK-FIL-A????"

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