March 1946

"But The Salvation Army beat us on coffee sales during the war
... doggone it, how could we compete with FREE??"

  So ... Texas is 'The South', but Arkansas isn't?   Not sure about that one.
And I won't touch the great commonwealth of Kentucky ... the question of whether it's a 'Southern state' continues to rage in the 21st century.

Oh, the orange juice.   That was a "Goofy" name for it ..... ahem .....

Apparently this is one antique store that went
out of business before I could visit it. 
Curses, foiled again!

NOT an equal opportunity employer.

Not just Alice Faye, but also Harriet Hilliard .... Lucille Ball .... the 394 wives of Artie Shaw ....

"What next?   You tell me, Mr. Hitchcock...."

"Justice Comes to Germany" ... the touching story of a young soldier from
Texas who served in World War II, and would soon return home and run
for hometown sheriff.   Starred Jackie Gleason.

"Dramatized" photography?   As if we need more drama in our lives......