December 1940

Just sit back and let your nose pretend Britling is still around.

Emerson, some of you might remember, was the "cheapo" brand of its day.  "Miracle Tone" meant it was a miracle if the tone was good.

Don't get so excited ... there was no gambling here (unless you were betting on the food being good).

If you want to know what this was all about, a Google search will help you.
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In case you're interested, the Hotel Savannah listed above - built in 1913 - also shared another common bond with Birmingham's original Tutwiler: both buildings were designed by William Lee Stoddart.  Hotel Savannah became the Manger Hotel by the mid 20th century. It still stands, as the Manger Building, and is home to Savannah's branch operation of BB&T.

The Jefferson Davis Hotel in Montgomery is still around today, as an apartment building for the elderly.