December 1974

The Homewood Star.  
It's my favorite Christmas decoration, anywhere, ever.

* Might've been because ABC and NBC were both showing documentary specials.  :-p

This would be interesting to see again for its 1974 pop culture parodies!

We didn't get to see Charlie Brown in Birmingham, because Channel 42 preempted it for the Blue-Gray football game from Montgomery.   But over on Channel 6, Virginia looked like Charlie Brown in drag, anyway.

I'm sure Red Carpet Inn was a more, umm, "respectable" motel brand way back in the '70s .... but today, I like to joke that it's called "Red Carpet Inn" because of the bloodstains you'll find in many of their rooms.

Atoka County?   I think I've driven through there.   It's somewhere in rural south Georgia. (shudder)

We have neglected to mention that this was the final Christmas for the downtown Burger-Phillips store.

Man, talk about some cult movies.   The Groove Tube is a guilty favorite
... some of it, at least. ("Insert the cherry pits into the pitted olives,
and coat with Kramp Easy-Lube brand vegetable shortening")

Farewell to a great comedian.  
Few since have come close to matching Mr. Benny.

Today, could you imagine the likes of "Wally World" closing up on Sundays?
(in places like Chattanooga, blue laws still exist to some degree)

Get it while you still can!