January 1974

And now, a word from our "sponsor", without which a whole bunch
of these adverts would not be here to enjoy:

In case you've forgotten, this was Hanna-Barbera's misbegotten attempt to attract the same audience as ALL IN THE FAMILY.

Sadly, his second farewell special would be his final farewell special.

[RIGHT] This is now recognized as the first of two pilots for what would become the syndicated MUPPET SHOW of two years later.   And yes, it was broadcast on January 30, more than two weeks before Valentine's Day!

At least if none of these movies pique your interest, you can always grab a Mister D's "Seafood Feast" to go, and watch your choice of TV movies at home!

We were lucky we got to see HAPPY DAYS ... instead of THE $6 MILLION MAN, WBRC chose to show refuns of THE BIG VALLEY.   At least they couldn't say they had anything personal against Lee Majors, since he starred in that show, too!

Today, the group is allegedly known as R-E-O Wheelchair.    Now appearing
at some two-bit casino, singing songs from albums back in their glory days, like You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can't Tunica.

And as for Rick Dees' ad, I'll just say that one would about NEED "private counseling" if they wanted to 'become a disc jockey' in this day and age....

Uhh ... somehow this sounds more like a threat than a promise...

Uh oh ... ads like this do not bode well for Miller's future in the ex-G*E*S buildings...

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