October 1973

Our mistake ... we somehow neglected to note that back in May, Miller's had taken over the recently-vacated G*E*S buildings in West End and Roebuck.

The location at 1910 2nd Ave North was the
building that had formerly housed W.T. Grant until earlier in 1973.

Uh ... THIS is what happens when you let Pizitz, and not Disney, draw Mickey Mouse.
Halloween 1973:
one of these ghouls is yours truly, the other is my old pal Scott.  While you're trying to decide which is which, notice the classic Aurora movie monster models.   They're NOT in the Hollis Museum, because they were all stolen three years later.

Sherwood Schwartz's unsuccessful attempt to cross "Gilligan's Island" with "F Troop."

With so many other stores having gone out of business, it was only fitting that Mazer's had moved into what had recently been the Atlantic Mills discount store.

We had a set of those glasses ... with the W monogram, of course.

Sorta gives a whole new meaning to "motorhead", doesn't it?
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