August 1971

Ask about the $2.00 option, with seats in Greensboro.

Click to open a larger version of the Pizitz College Board lineup in a separate window.   Sorry the resolution isn't what we'd like, but with these old microfilms you do what you can!

Said "free favors" were smocks, brushes, rollers and a whole mess* of paint in various 'far out' colors.  The kids were put to work making the RED schoolhouse as psychedelic as his TV show's set!    * = literally!

And now, for LAUGH-IN Retail of the Past:


Admission half-off with a wire hanger.

Written by my old buddy, the late Roswell "Roz" Rogers

Alice might've stolen his line, but The Walrus had the last laugh: this flopped, just like "Great Shakes" before it.

How many customers actually cut out that mask and walked into a branch wearing it?  Crazy, I know, but stranger things have happened.  
(And I'm not sure about the character leaning on that logo.  Looks a bit shady.  Wonder if we saw more of him some years later, during the S&L meltdown??)

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