March 1971

You'll go back-back-back,
to Jack-Jack-Jack,
He's cheap, cheap, cheap!

This was the place to be if you wanted to see a bunch of drunken schoolteachers line-dancing on St. Paddy's Day....

To stave off pesky, harassing e-mails from Illinois, 
I searched for the missing TV Guide channel bullets. 
I believe they are: 

Thankfully, all her appearances
took place after breakfast hours.

(RIGHT) Lisa needn't have worried about future job prospects.  For one thing, she had an agent to climb the pole and answer her phone.....

Mom, take Dad and all the kids. 
Make it a real .... uhhh, never mind.
Farewell to "Jib" Nabors:

"CBS canceled everything with a tree, even Lassie." 
-- Alabama native Pat "Mr. Haney" Buttram

Beats the hades out of Mike Myers, yes?

And last, but not least, The Birthday Boy himself:
(mine is in February, but - lucky you - I haven't unearthed any goodies from my own archives)

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