August 1970

Bring Mom, Dad and 
the kids!  Make it a 
"family affair!"

While Buffy was at her Pizitz appearance, 
Mr. French took Jody and Mrs. Beasley to lunch.  The Missus wasn't very hungry, feeling that deep-fried breading didn't suit her sewn-in palate. 
It didn't go to waste; Mr. French ate her meal too.

With your 25,000 Green Stamps, you can redeem your books for a AAA membership ... 'cuz you'll need it.

Beware of the brown popcorn.

Russell says: Were the drumsticks tiny?

For obvious chromosomal reasons, I am not what you'd call an expert on vintage baby dolls ... that said, I imagine dolls from some of these "lost" companies like Jolly and Uneeda would fetch a tidy sum in the auction market. 

Loveman said, "He's lying!!"
Pizitz shot back, "You'll be dead in 10 years.  And THAT'S no lie."

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