August 1969
The Terminal Station ... one more time

....and they'd be one of the last to leave, early in 2005.

"Uhhhh, what kind of music do you have in this bar?"
"We've got both kinds - country and western."

You've been forewarned.

DON'T PANIC!!  You're reading "This MONTH", not "This Week."  Fear not, we'll be keeping this up as long as we're able!
Roy Rogers made a brief appearance in the South, before retreating back toward the Northeast.  It's still around today, although in a much smaller form, largely confined to Maryland and upper Delaware. 

While on a road trip to New Jersey late in June, I stopped at a turnpike service plaza in Delaware that had Roy Rogers as a dining option.  I hadn't eaten it in years, and was not disappointed.  Much better than Arby's, in this writer's opinion.  Waaaay better......

The 'holster' style french fry pouch is a nice touch.

Alas, a giant cowboy hat would run Roy and Trigger both out of town:

Hurricane Camille,
40 years ago 
this month

08/02/2009 -- 1220 AM EDT