July 1968

A bucket of chicken without a goatee'd old man and a black string tie in sight.  (Was that even legal?)
"So tender ... So tasty."
"North America's Hospitality Dish"

Remember when independent restaurants served Kentucky Fried Chicken as a separate menu item?  Davis House had the rights for Birmingham.  In Huntsville, KFC locations were known for years as "Bergeron's Take-Homes"
And speaking of "Colonels"......

How convenient that Farm Bureau added a handy kiosk inside Eastwood Mall, which they now owned!
Here's a Farm Bureau radio spot from 1968, 
voiced by none other than Joe Rumore
This illustrates what a good and versatile announcer he was -- in commercials like this, Joe's playing it straight ... you hear none of the usual "howdy, neighbors" image he was famous for on his radio shows.  Unfortunately, there's an edit in the commercial, where that part was taped over.  At least we get that great jingle in its entirety (which has the unmistakable sound of a Boutwell Studios production). 

PLAY  (MP3 format, size: approx. 757 kB) 

Farm Bureau billboard, along 20th street just before the climb up Red Mountain,
November 1969.  (courtesy of Dixie Neon Co.)

07/03/2008 -- 650 PM EDT
(thanks to Merrill Thompson of Millbrook, Ala., who rolled lots of tape on Montgomery radio in the late '60s and early '70s, and captured the Farm Bureau commercial)