December 1967

True fact: Reddy Kilowatt was a creation of Alabama Power ... which then licensed its use to hundreds of other electric utilities nationwide.  Ashton Collins of APCO first drew the character in 1926.

He always seems to be smiling.  But you never saw him on those nights when daughter Electra came home late.  Reddy never took a likin' to whatzisname, that guy on the mountain she was dating. 

I wonder what kind of greetings IPAW, EDYW, NGSW, NNEW, and even TRCW were offering?

Better hurry, before she marries again.....

And here is Webmaster Wells (almost 3), on Christmas morning '67.  Tim might've been given his own railroad, but by golly I had me one spiffy thoroughbred!

The smiling sunflower....
On the same batch of super-8 home movies producing the image at left, there's some quick footage of my grandparents' TV.  I asked visitors about this image, and thanks to Bob Sharp for solving the mystery: this was the logo for WBRC-TV's The Sunday Show!  According to Mr. Sharp, "I believe that this image defined the letter 'O' in the word 'show.'"12/25 fell on a Monday in 1967, so this means we were in B'ham for Christmas Eve, celebrating with the grandparents before the big day. 

Frankly, my Scarlett, I don't give a ..... fool durn?  (amazing just how vulgar the language was in movies back then)

Of course, channel 21 wouldn't come to life in Birmingham until 1982, when WTTO - (T)elevision (T)wenty-(O)ne - first signed on, giving the city its first real independent TV station.

Okay, we'll begrudge Atlanta this "first" .... Birmingham didn't complete its first section of interstate until December 1967.

...and its last link wouldn't be complete until well into the 1980s.  I love how they refer to something called "The Monster."   Of course, we all know and love it as "Malfunction Junction."

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