November 1967

What's a discount store doing selling groceries??  Next thing you know, some yahoo from Arkansas is going to wanna try it!

A couple of years later, Mr. Peanut met with tragedy when he was mugged, then beaten and shelled.  Accused of the crime was Peter Wayne Pan, said to have been an angry and jealous competitor.  However, thanks to a powerful defense team led by Johnnie Cochran, Mr. Pan got off scot-free. (note: the above image is in JPEG format, and not in "JIF" ... ahem ...) 

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File under: "Milk ... eggs ... bread ... guard ... turn ... perry  ... dodge ... spin ... thrust!!"

They'll have you in and out so fast, you'll be saying, 
"Yoikes, and AWAAAAAY!!"
And now, as a public service, the staff and management of BIRMINGHAM REWOUND would like to take a moment to pause, and remember what we no longer have:

Out with the helicopters, in with the cheesy faux castles and $25.00 Polaroids.

If you build it, they will come 
... and try to fight it.

(RIGHT) Ahhhh, 1967.  Which meant another (excruciatingly bad) Elvis movie was just around the corner.

"Yes, sir.  Whatever you say, Colonel."

And the comic strip hasn't gotten any funnier .... um, er, pardon me, I must've belched.

10/28/2007 -- 903 PM EDT