May 1966

Goodbye, Howard!  Hello, Samford!


Russell sez: There were a lot of people in parts of Homewood clamoring to do just that.   My grandparents, for instance.   They lived on Saulter Road in a part of town nestled between the two mountains.   Over-the-air reception in that area has always been riddled with 'ghosting' (double image) due to the signals from Red Mountain bouncing off of Shades.  The fact that my famously thrifty grandparents sprung for cable practically the day the lines were run along their street says a lot.

Which brings us to the original purpose of cable TV, anyway -- to bring a clear picture to homes otherwise unable to pick up good TV signals.   Prior to the launch of HBO and the "superstation" indies, there was no need for cable if you could clearly pick up all the networks!

* portable TV set will be tuned to 13, and conveniently missing the channel selector knob.

When Captain D and Long John Silver began emulating this A&P ad, the record somehow got stuck at at the line "Bread it."

Do not taunt Super-Ball.

But don't get mixed up and return home with the coupon,
leaving your mother at the grocer.