March 1957

Russell says, "At least they didn't call it The Parisian Fatso Shop.  Buy a suit or dress, get a free tub of Barber's Ice Cream!"

I'd like to go back in time and shake some sense into those highway planners.  "No, no, NO, you dimwits ... build AROUND the city!"   (although the idea of 31 following Green Springs is intriguing)
"Our babies are more well-mannered than those coming from our competition.  Pizitz babies come from poor breeding, and you don't even want to THINK about the ones they sell at TOP DOLLAR Stores......."

...and watch BIRMINGHAM REWOUND later this month for a feature remembering Roebuck Plaza's 50th anniversary!

This statement would be especially true about this time, because in 1957 WAPI raised its daytime power from 10,000 watts to the maximum 50,000.

I've always liked this logo; personally I believe it  would've made for a very durable design, looking good even today.

COUSIN CLIFF says, "Reach for TIP-TOP, or else I'll send Kim and Corky over to your house to brain you with a day-old loaf."

(special thanks to Martin D. Schulman for passing along this picture of Star Hardware's beloved landmark sign)


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