June 1952

Count me as one who would've loved a 
Red Mountain Tunnel.

Alabama 91, of course, became US 280 a couple of years later.  91 was then exiled to spend her golden years in Cullman County.

Orange you glad they came up with this flavor before we were kids?

Another one for the "Nothing's changed in 60 years" department.

...and a mysterious set of jacks on the back panel.

"Ummm, honey?  I was adjusting the horizontal hold on the back of our new Zenith, and I saw a strange hole below the 'reset' button.  What do the letters H D M I stand for....??"

That's a very good thing in bread.  Because if there's anything I cannot stand, 
it's UNcontrolled freshness.  That's quite a risk; I mean, next thing you know, 
Chuck Norris might be inside each loaf.
So.  What to drink with your "controlled fresh sammich"? 
To borrow a phrase from the future: Got milk?

Chocolate in the BROWN carton?   My, that's gonna be a tough one to figure out.