October 1950

Walk softly.  Otherwise you'll disturb the crowd.

WVOX??  I'll give you 610 reasons why I bet this newspaper wasn't exactly quick to correct typos on radio call letters.
Meanwhile, in an adjoining studio, Desi Arnaz and Eva Gabor were filming The Kirby Vacuum Man at The Babalu.  Eva wanted to get into the act, but Desi said no.  So she filed for divorce, copped a cushy alimony, and moved to Manhattan, where she began hobnobbing with the elite.

In an odd twist of fate, Eddie Albert - tired of Lucy's slapstick antics - split with her, and they negotiated a settlement.  Eddie would soon pass the bar exam.  Lucy didn't fare so well, and ended up as a hat check girl at the Babalu Club.

A commercial for the movie Paleface was immortalized in one of the earliest 'radio blooper' collections: "... starring Bob Hope, and lovely 
Jane Russell -- boy, what a pair!!"

How many years has it been since anyone heard of THIS holiday?
(and in case you've just joined us, 
WBRC originally broadcast on channel 4, and wouldn't move to 6 until early in 1953)

The deluxe model 17F4 is quite affordable.  It's only $509.95.  No, wait.  Adjusted for inflation, that would cost nearly $4,500 in 2010 ... substantially more than a high-end 42-inch plasma screen today!

NEW ... from the same folks who gave us television: