September 1950

Fear not, this motel is 80% FIREPROOF.  It's just that other, pesky 20 percent you have to worry about.  But your wife and children will be safe; the Ace Motel is under the protection of a Neon Traffic Cop.

In 1950, Cahaba Road was state highway 91.  Four years later, a slight reorganization of highway routes gave us US 280, and Ala. 91 was then 
banished to the wilds of Cullman County.

Among its payload was the first satellite radio transmitter.

That's a big 10-4!

What if Lucille Ball had instead married Bob Hope?  Imagine how I Love Lucy would have played out 
... she'd be scheming to get into the USO, and entertain our troops overseas!

(click for larger image)

"I pity the fool who shops at Lovemans!" -Mr. T, Esq, Sept. 1950

....but I'm no fool for admiring the adverts.
(I've always been a sucker for brunettes)

Remember -- Only Forest Fires Can Prevent Bears.