October 1948

(RIGHT) Picture, if you will, a nice, idyllic sight in October of '48.  An unassuming post-war family in East Lake has plunked down a lot of dough to be the first in their neighborhood to have one of those newfangled "television" contraptions.  The 50-foot mast has gone up.  Mom and the kids have their eye on the set as they yell at Dad, who is rotating the aerial.  He swings it in the direction of Atlanta (WSB-TV), and hits paydirt.  The family then settles down for a relaxing evening in front of the tube as they play "Who's The Unrecognizable Face Behind All That Snow?"

(It worked much better on RADIO)

Ronald Colman's next-door neighbor was Jack Benny, so I hope that $1,000 winner held on to his wallet........

Capehart ... now there's a great name from the audiophile morgue.

I'd like to use your "Easy Payment Plan" for that package of Suckard Squares, please.

09/27/2008 -- 822 PM EDT