February 1946

March around the breakfast table each morning with the
WSGN Swingin' Six Old-Time Radio Good Guys!

(Yes, that's the same Johnny Olson who first uttered the familiar words
"Come on DOWN!!!" on The Price is Right)

  ALLSTATE was Sears' house brand for automotive products, including - for a short time - their own make of vehicle (made by Kaiser).  The name was also lent to Sears' venture into car insurance.  And now you know the rest of the story...

(No, there wasn't a Progressive brand tire, thank goodness.  Could you have imagined the commercials, featuring an obnoxious mechanic named Flo?)

"Daddy Sang Tenor,
Mama Sang Mezzo-Soprano"??

Maybe we could conduct an experiment to see what would happen if a fellow gave his wife or girlfriend an Inflation by Formfit as a Valentine's Day gift.  It could be sponsored by Ridout's Funeral Home.

Must have been 58 blocks from
the Miracle on 34th Street.

For a moment, I thought it looked like the guy and gal were going to arm wrestle to see who got the Coke.