May 1944

Enriched!   Lots of vitamins and iron!

What IS this ... a loaf of bread, or sugar-coated breakfast cereal??

It must be okay to wear them
until Labor Day now.

No "smart meters" back then.  
But this was pretty 'smart.'

So, it looks like Blazing Frontier didn't make it into a "second gay week" in town.  
And I'd best not go any further on that one.

Stanleigh was accompanied this one afternoon by a young guitarist
named Neil Young.   I think.

All and good, but did The Man Who Wears The Star bother to check those all-important fan belts??.......

Back when "points" had nothing to do with Weight Watchers.

Funny how the mothers in these Mother's Day ads
always look young enough to be their own children.