May 1941

Jane Parker, with her massive throwing arm, started throwing cake and donuts at Ann Page, saying "I got your 'thrifty' RIGHT HERE.".
(Jane would parlay her physical prowess into a nice wartime gig, but found herself 
- again - playing second banana, this time to some lady I understand was named Rosie)

As Bear Bryant famously said, "Don't forget to call your Mom for Mother's Day.  I sure wish I could call mine."

They must have thought there was going to be a war or something.

Long before Miss Midnight and Jon "Rock & Roll" Anthony, there was Miss Ann and John J. Anthony!

We'd sure be hearing about this candidate for years to come.

Yeah, it's those "model" wives that give the most trouble.  Lucky for me, I have the real thing!

Look closely! Your parents might be on the winners' list!

Put another nickel in ... in the Kelvin-odeon ...
All I want is chillin' milk,
And dinner - dinner - dinner ! ! !

I'm reminded of MOTEL 6 back in the '70s, 
and their coin-operated room televisions!