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What if they built a food court, and nobody ate...  Hungry yet?  Sorry, no grub to be rustled-up here.  Even Chick-Fil-A, the old reliable mall tenant, had already called it a day.  (Does that mean the cows came home?  "EAT MOR -- OH NEVUR MINED, EAT WHUTEVUR EWE WONT.  WEER OUTTA HEAR.") 

I hated to see this in such a state.  It's one of the nicest decors I've seen for a food court.


Got a rumbly in your tumbly?
Wonder when 'Roseanne' is comin' on... @#$%!!  Can't seem to pick up "Max Headroom" on these TVs!  (04/10/2004) -- Funny, I didn't notice all those monitors when I was over here in October '03; but my son pointed 'em out to me.  Talk about an '80s flashback!

Might I add, you can get your analog bag phones, or a hand-held flip-phone the size of a shoebox, at the Alltel store.  Now you can make it all the way out to Leeds without roaming!


Don't act so surprised -- what mall food court was complete without the ubiquitous Sbarro's! Sbarro's
(04/10/2004) -- Some stores -- i.e. Chick-Fil-A, Seattle Sandwiches, Sbarro -- have color schemes which make their former presence obvious, even without signage.  This was the site of a cookie store called The Incredible Chocolate Chip Cookie Company, a 'mom and pop' giant-cookie store.  According to former employee Robyn Evatt, who wrote to comment, "I believe it opened just after the remodeling in 1989 or 1990 and we closed in March 2003.  We hung on until it wasn't possible for us to stay open anymore."

My aunt, who worked for many years at the Parisian here, said they had good homemade waffle cones and good popcorn.

Now I'm REALLY thirsty! (04/10/2004) -- soft drink dispensers at above location.  Dunno why I have them here; maybe someday this'll be a good historical artifact.  Heck, already DR. PEPPER has changed its logo, so there you are! 

And we were all ready for something to drink by this point, too.

Stars and stripes forever, if not malls ...that our flag was still there! (04/10/2004) -- a giant Old Glory hangs dignified, completely oblivious to the emptiness below her. 
OH, THE IRONY..... Eternal optimism?
Want ghosts?  Look all around you, there are many ghosts of Eastwood Mall floating about.  No matter which department you might be standing in at Wal-Mart, it'll be on hallowed ground.

And that concludes our Ghost Tour.  I'd like to thank you for enduring my trite commentary and bad jokes.  You're a great tour group; no matter what I've heard to the contrary, y'all are rather swell.

Don't forget to experience the sheer horror and terror of ... the GIFT SHOP!

And please don't forget to tip.


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