Nighttime pictures of the mall's exterior taken on January 24, 2005.
All images by Russell Wells.

While on a visit to Birmingham I pulled out the camcorder and did a quick "night drive" around the mall's perimeter.  This was the Monday after the Parisian had officially closed its doors.  The lights were still on, and merchandise was still visible ... obviously, people inside were busy doing the take-down (it was about 7:00 PM when I 'rolled tape') ....

One more time .... The Parisian store, now closed but still lit up.  The partially-burnt "N" seems to fit the mood.

Here was a true "get it while you can" photo-op:
The Eastwood Mall main signage as seen in "halo/backlit" mode. 
Second floor: Nothing, nothing ... and nothing! 

It looked like Parisian at 9:30 on any given night -- even the escalator was running this evening!  But the store was closed for good, and people were hard at work finishing up the task of packing and clearing out. 

Southwest entrance . . .

The mall was still lit up 'n' everything!

Here's was the west entryway, beside what used to be Pioneer Cafeteria and the movie theater.

In the distance to the left was the (closed-off) entrance to Party City.

At the time, PARTY CITY was the only store on this end of the mall still open. 

WARNING!!  Beware of the "Drew's Party Music" CDs ... they're FAKE OLDIES!!  Those are NOT The Turtles singing "Happy Together" -- they're imposters, people who should be legally restrained from going within 300 feet of a karaoke machine!

The food court entrance:

Some of the lights along the atrium ceiling were still on.  Alabama Power must've liked it, I guess.... 

Northeast entrance ... the overhead signage for Service Merchandise is visible, along with a huge pile of carpet. 

Books-A-Million is visible in the far distance.

And here was the last entrance accessible, even after the mall itself closed in 2004 ... the Birmingham Public Library branch and Regions Bank were both on the right. 

A couple of library drop-boxes are seen here between the two sets of doors. 

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