Various and sundry pictures taken prior to the mall's demolition in 2006.
Tom Frieling sent a couple of photos he'd taken late in 2004. 

The "Sputnik" still rises tall and proud here, while all of Eastwood Lanes calmly awaits its destiny of demolition. 

(photo by Tom Frieling, December 2004)

Mr. Frieling has often spoken of his fondness for Pasquale's Pizza 'hoggies', of which he consumed many a time right here.  I know he wasn't the only one who has great memories of supper at Pasquale's, followed by a good movie at the Eastwood Mall Theater. 

This area originally housed the entranceway flanked by the theater, Pasquale's and Hill's Food Store (Hill's was at the southwest end of the mall's original 1960 footprint).  The 1989 renovation sealed off the whole shootin' match.
(photo by Tom Frieling, December 2004)

Mall noir -- (January 8, 2005)
Eastwood Mall's interior had been closed since August 1, 2004, but that didn't stop our friend TOM FRIELING from risking life, limb and Mall Cop Arrest to sneak out of Parisian and take one last look ... and a picture of what's left of the fabled "air conditioned sidewalk."

(photo by Tom Frieling)

A bleak mallscape --  (June 25, 2005) Warren Reed shared a couple of pictures, and commented, "Shot these ... from the library branch hall and from the window of Books a Million.

The lighted windows of BAM look out over a bleak landscape.  Carpet is being removed and those Christmas trees came from somewhere in the caverns.  On entering the mall entrance to the bank and library a heavy odor of mildew greets you."

Christmas in June? -- l have to believe those Christmas trees are there on purpose, possibly as someone's facetious "Hail Mary" to get Santa to make one last landing in the 'copter and breathe some life into Eastwood Mall.
(this and above photo by Warren Reed)
Books-A-Million to Mall-A-Nada -- (September 25, 2005)  I took this one from inside B-A-M ... if you look really close, you can see the original brick segments from the original floor, long before carpeting was added in the '70s.

(Photo by Russell Wells)

More dead mall -- Again, from Books-A-Million, the commons area outside the old Service Merchandise / old Pizitz.
Positive Christmas Trees....
or, Christmas in September? 

The trees we see above are now parked in front of the aptly-named, and abandoned "Positive Changes" storefront. 

#1 with a book-it -- 
Tim Hollis was with me this one Sunday afternoon, and he was delighted to see one of his books occupying the Books-A-Million best-seller slot. 

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