Sign still on the window beside the entranceEASTWOOD MALL PHOTO GALLERY #5
The empty Eastwood Lanes building as it looked on Sunday, September 25, 2005.

First frame...
The exterior was still holding up, but a good portion of the plastic sign had been ripped away, most likely due to a recent severe storm. 

Today was damp, overcast and there was quite a breeze blowin' ... this was the beginning of Hurricane Rita's outer effects being felt.   Later that evening, the rain and squalls passed through B'ham.  I was staying at the Warrior River Motel that night, and was ready to jump into the closet (yes, the rooms have actual closets) at the first mention of a tornado warning.

The beautiful, yet battered Rotosphere 
Did we mention this bowling alley is closed? 

As I said above, there was a stiff wind as Tim and I were walking around outside.  The middle sign panel was hanging only by its top mooring, and was banging against the frame.  I kept a weary eye to this sign just in case that baby took a dive for us. 

Pieces of AMF

I wish I'd been around with the camcorder to capture this sign falling.  Then just for grins, I would've overdubbed some bowling sound effects, climaxing with a strike as the sign shattered on the walkway below.

I think I amuse too easily....

I wonder if there'll be a lane open...

Hey, it was a big deal when this alley first opened in the late '50s.

A 48-lane bowling venue was nothing to sneeze at, even in Birmingham.

Circus Gutterballimus

This is perhaps my favorite of the pictures I took here.  The circular pattern of the walkway along with the multiple circle roof of the awning is the cherry on this sundae.

This just oozes "space-age leisure", doesn't it? 

The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking May Be Hazardous To Your Bowling Handicap.

Unless there were invisible forcefields separating each of the 48 LANES and  protecting the family next to you from that two pack a day habit of yours, I fail to see how "smoke-free lanes" could be achieved.  It's as easy as partitioning off a "non-pee'ing" section in a swimming pool.

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