Pictures of the ongoing demolition,
taken by Paul Kinnane on Saturday, June 10, 2006.
A name that's been part of Eastwood Mall's history since day one: ALADDIN DRY CLEANERS.
Looking down the parking lot toward the former Goodyear and McRae's tire building and toward Kmart next door.
Another shot of The Anchor Formerly Known As Parisian.

Could "buried treasure" (i.e. the old artesians) be marked by the red paint?

The old Dilly's sign would be taken down just days after this picture ... by next weekend it'll be gone.
They're making progress.  The ABC store is gone, as are a couple of other outbuildings. 
The view is toward Oporto.  The demolition of the Eastwood Lanes building has begun.
The circle-studded awning out front is long gone, and the rest of the building is next.
This alley has 48 LANES.  No, wait, make that 47 ... umm, 46 ... 45 ... 44 ... better hurry and claim your lane, folks; they're goin' fast!
Hurry, people, and claim your piece of history -- bricks and concrete from Eastwood Lanes! 
Dig deeply enough and you might find a stray pin or two.

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