Pictures of the ongoing demolition,
taken by Jon Anthony on Friday, June 2, 2006.
Here's our contributor, posing with the old Dilly's Deli sign.
The old CROCKMIER'S, formerly the famous BOOM-BOOM ROOM.
Eastwood Lanes, 
one more time.
After a reprieve of way too many years, the DILLY'S sign will soon come down.
A dilly of a dirt mound.
A last look inside the old Food Court.

The big flag has been taken down.

Another shot of the old food court.
Here are some exterior shots Jon took around the mall property.

Looking toward Oporto and next to the soon-to-be-razed Eastwood Lanes.

Another shot from that same vantage point.
The old Parisian.
I wonder if this project involves accessing the old artesian wells.
West entrance to the mall (a/k/a the "Pioneer" entrance).
The old Service Merchandise/Pizitz anchor, looking toward Eastwood Plaza and Kmart.
Southwest entrance.  The old Mall Theater can be seen here ...
The only part of Eastwood Mall to have been untouched by the 1989 facelift: the anchor store, originally Pizitz and later Service Merchandise, added in 1966.
Entrance to the 
food court.
The northwest corner of the mall.  This is where PARTY CITY was.

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