Pictures of the property and ongoing demolition, taken by
"russell at tvcasualty dot com" on Monday, 07/10/2006.

Bye Bye, Big Boy...
The food court atrium as it looks with what I call its "photo-op hole" .... the symbolic swing of the wrecking ball for the cameras on June 29th.

That's right, you unwashed masses, if it weren't for that press conference, you'd think the mall would never be torn down.

"Do we turn left, right, or go strai--- um.... do we turn left or right?"
 That'll show you for no longer putting Old Glory on top of your ALL-AMERICAN BURGERS.

The old Jack's Hamburgers building, which I believe was the prototype for their '70s-'80s architecture, featuring for the first time a dining room.  It was built behind the original walk-up Jack's stand. 

Jack's has since relocated a couple of blocks east on 78.

Look closely, focus intently on the picture, and your eyes might imagine it still reads "PIZITZ." 

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