Pictures of the property and ongoing demolition,
taken by Paul Kinnane on Friday, July 14, 2006.

A fence was now up around the perimeter of the mall property.  Now the work area was nice
and secure, safe from all these pesky Kinnanes, Brasseales, and McNeills....  ;-)


It appears the old Shoney's building is now history ... just the old signpost remains (look real close and you can see the faux stone base, where the original 1963-era "Big Boy" neon sign rested).

And it just now occurred to me ... through all these years, changes, growth, decline, progress, regress ... a SHELL gas station has always operated on that same site!  That's remarkable, given the constantly evolving (and merging) oil companies.

Below left is how that Shell station looked back in 1965.   We've come a long way.  Then: attendant pumped your gas, checked under the hood, put air in your tires, gave you free road maps, green stamps ... and $2.95 worth of gasoline would give you half a tank in most full-sized cars, more than enough to cruise both Friday AND Saturday nights!  Now: you pump your own dad-burned gas, air costs you 75 cents, an outdated road map sets you back $4.95 ..... and $2.95 worth of gasoline wouldn't get most cars to Bessemer!

Oh, but I guess I oughta stop @#$%&ing and moaning -- today there's a much better selection of snack items in the food store.  Back then, it was a single Coke machine outside and - maybe! - a "Lance" or "Tom's" snack machine right next to it. 

Ain't progress swell .... ?? 

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