The main store, on 200 19th Street downtown as it appeared in this photo dated 02/15/1961. (Newberry's is to the left, and the Alabama Theater is on the right) 

Today, it's home to The McWane Center

(Alfred Kelly collection)

Going uuuuuuuuuuup!

Escalator at the downtown Loveman's 

(March 13, 1969; Alvin Hudson collection)

Looking from the mezzanine level toward the ground floor of the downtown Loveman's 

(March 13, 1969; Alvin Hudson collection)

If you financed a box of balloons, would all your installments be "balloon payments"?
Ahemmmmm.....that's the requisite bad joke of this website; it only gets better from here. 

Here's a picture from the Loveman's grand opening at Century Plaza in 1976.  According to Chuck Auton (who worked as a manager at this Loveman's), the balloons had coupons inside, and those who found them could bring the coupon to the store and get the % off of purchase that was listed on the coupon.

Mr. Auton added, "The opening slogan for the Century Plaza store was 'a whole lotta store.' Loveman's used it for awhile as a corporate slogan until teachers complained about the poor English.

(photo courtesy Tim Hollis)


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