Golden Flake Potato Chips

Loss-Free, As a Coach Can Be: Golden Flake and Coca-Cola were the sponsors of Bear Bryant's weekly Alabama football review program, the first of its kind anywhere.  Bear endorsed these two products with his famous two-word slogan.   This banner is dated 1963, and appeared on many grocery store displays.

The real test of an advertising slogan's true effectiveness often doesn't come until long after the campaign is over.  I'm sure any Alabamian over the age of 35 knows it.

In the spirit of equal time, South Central Bell was the sponsor for the Auburn Football Review, originating in Montgomery and aired statewide after Bear's program.  Its famous "catch phrase" during the Shug Jordan era was "You're so right, Carl" (referring to host Carl Stephens).  Of course Bear got in the most famous line, in a late '70s South Central Bell commercial: "Don't forget to call your Mama.  I wish I could call mine."  The first part was in the script, but Bear ad-libbed that last sentence.

Old "clown" clock, likely early 70s vintage.  Location unknown.

"Fun Time": Golden Flake chips display, 1968.
(all photos on this page courtesy of Tim Hollis)

Visit the Golden Flake site for information about the company today ... and for some historical pictures


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