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Bruno Bear (Bruno's Food Stores)
'60s logo for Farm Bureau Insurance - today known as ALFA
Bozo was only the second most famous clown in Birmingham
Hill's Food Stores evolved into Winn-Dixie
Mr. Realee Good was the mascot for Burger-In-A-Hurry
The K stood for KUHN'S ... this was long before Kmart's usage.
One of the most famous one-line slogans in Birmingham
The logo and the name say it all
And we can't leave out Pizitz's arch-nemesis...
Bruno's spinoff into the pharmacy business (note the script B) - bought out by CVS
Just forget all about your 'old' ideals of shopping
This one's for you, Mr. Frieling!
classic script logo for Bruno's
mid-period logo seen mostly in the late '60s and '70s
I miss Newberry's
[see above]
Penny Dog Food is long gone, but the wagging dog lives on
His name was Buckworth, and you know where he 'worked' (cha-cha-cha!)
The best shopping mall that ever existed.  R.I.P.
The famous 'Puretest' logo was retired in the late '90s
Dedicated to my cousin Chris........
DOO-BEE never runs in the toy aisle at Elmore's.
Long before Sam's Club, there was GES.
Channel 6 logo, mid '60s to early 1971
Channel 13's ID, circa late '60s/early '70s
WBMG-TV's logo, 1970-80
WBRC-TV, 1974-81 - a very cool logo.
Wendell Harris delivered NEWS.  Not that 'American Idol' fluff.
Channel 13's logo from 1979-81
Four letters that spelled world-class radio
Birmingham's original rock 'n' roll station (1957-1965)
The Mighty 690 was heard from Tennessee down to Pike County
The Voices of Alabama
'Wacky' radio ... The Beatles' favorite station.
One of the best rock FMs in the history of the format.
One season (1974).  Undefeated.  'Wiffle' champs.
The WFL team the following year.
Logo for the first version of the Birmingham Bulls (late '70s)
Exchange Security evolved into the present-day Regions Bank
Central Bank's 'C' lost a few spokes and became Compass Bank
1965 logo is above; ca. 1975 is below.  Became SouthTrust.  Now Wachovia.
First National Bank of Birmingham changed its name to AmSouth
Ahhhhh, when S-and-Ls were not a punchline.
'70s logo for City Federal.  Sign is still up in North B'ham!
DISCLAIMER: Birmingham Rewound does NOT challenge any rights to the above logos.  They're all the trademarks and  intellectual property of their respective rights-holders.  I have them all featured here strictly in a historical and nostalgic frame, and my usage - which I believe to be within the parameters of "Fair Use" - is purely in admiration.  If, however, anyone with those rights objects to their logo property being here, upon official request I will take it off the site.  I hope this will not be the case; the way I see it, it's free advertising! :-)   Most of all, it's a tribute to the people who created these memorable icons.  Who among us could ever forget Bruno Bear or Bargain Town USA's smiling mascot Buckworth?   -Webmaster

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