Western Hills Mall 
40 YEARS ... 1970-2010

Birmingham's third shopping mall opened its doors Wednesday, February 18, 1970, giving those on the west side a taste of what those around Eastwood Mall had been enjoying for nearly ten years.  Western Hills, like most shopping malls built in that era, was an I-shaped footprint with two anchors.  Those anchors were Penney's and Loveman's. 

Here are some vintage advertisements and pictures, from the opening and through the 1970s and 1980s....................

Original mall signage after its installation.

You didn't need a "food court" to have a succulent choice of eating places in Western Hills Mall ... Woolworth's offered one of their iconic "Lunchonette" counters ... Britling Cafeteria had a location ... so did Pizitz Bake Shop ... even Hickory Farms joined the ranks.
plus, Harvest House put up a serving line ...

....oh, and a "fast seafood" eatery comes to Birmingham.  A new chain based out of Nashville.  It was called Mr. D's, but several years later would change its title to one you'll recognize: Captain.


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