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"This Month in History" is no more!
Tim and Russell decided to have a life instead of 
wasting our time with that trivial, unpopular section.


We gave "This Month In History" a badly-needed Viking funeral.  Good riddance!  Now Darryl H. will have to find someone else to pester ... go harass the people behind Old Kansas City instead.

April 1, 2010: Dan Cole reconsiders the unfortunate decision he made three years earlier to provide web space for REWOUND.
March 31, 2010: Russell's wife Amy realizes his ex-wife is right -- he DOES need psychiatric help, adding, "The help he needs is not that which is found in his Beatles album collection."
February 30, 2010: Russell was molested by the Vegecal Man, while banjo music played from the ensemble Three Off The Wagon.
November 2009 - February 2010: Stuff.  Just stuff.  Quit being so nosey.
September 31, 2009: I woke up.  I went to work.  Ate lunch.  I went home.  Kissed my wife hello.  Ate supper.  Kissed wife goodnight.  Went to bed.
October 2007 - September 2009: Nothing happened that I can remember.  There was this purple haze....
September 31, 2007: Nothing happened today, either.
Octember 42, 1968: A young Russell Wells is in deep doo-doo after Miss Jane's Magic Mirror catches him eating a Kentucky Fried Chicken drumstick instead of a Jack's Hamburger.

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