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Make a wish ... have a ball ... dream a dream ... be it all ...
Throw in a penny ... make a wish .... and get your butt outta here!!  (04/10/2004) -- The water pipe to the right suggests this once served as a fountain of some sort.  At this point it looked as if a healthy colony of the dreaded kudzu had taken root. 

(For the South-challenged, "kudzu" is a leafy vine indigenous to this region.  An experiment in erosion control gone terribly awry, it now covers a lot of space -- often climbing telephone poles, trees, signposts, you name it.  Kudzu grows at an average of one foot [!] per day.  Q: How do you plant kudzu?  A: Drop the seeds and run for your life!!)

(04/10/2004) Looking toward the east mall entrance into Parisian. 

Note the water bucket to the left.  It was good to know I wasn't the only drip inside the mall.

All that's missing are some tumbleweeds
We've got a splitting headache from standing on our heads
Diamonds are forever ... except at Eastwood Mall  (04/10/2004) -- the former site of a Lorch's location.  I remember Lorch's Jewelers (a local chain) from way back -- their slogan, once upon a time, was 'We Stand On Our Heads To Please.' 

Joe Langston used to do their commercials on WBRC-TV 6 ... My early childhood recollections include one such spot where Joe was upside down.  (If anyone can verify this, or say "Russell, you're outta yer mind!" please send an e-mail)

I dare say the "$99" banner was the most valuable thing for the taking.

Barefootin'  (04/10/2004) -- If you had holes in your shoes from all that mallwalking, you wouldn't have found any replacements here.  Sorry. 

Instead, just go to Payless in the strip across the way and get a cheapo $9 pair of canvas thingys.

Beating a 'naturalized' path for the exit
And might I suggest the $20 shampoo that costs $3 at Target? Shave and a haircut ... no bits!  (04/10/2004) --  The Slot Formerly Belonging To MasterCuts.  Located toward the west entrance of Parisian.
No Tides Rolling.  No Eagles Warring.    (04/10/2004) -- Birmingham has long been known as "Football Capital of the South."  If you think your area is pigskin-crazed, think again; you haven't been to the 'Ham! 

Tide & Tiger was one of several memorabilia shops carrying University of Alabama (Crimson Tide) and Auburn Univ. (Tigers) merchandise. 

[For those visiting from outside this neighborhood, Alabama and Auburn are the state's two big 'rival' football teams.] 

That's my son Trey (then age 12) standing there. 

Roll Eagle?  Or is it War Tide?  Ahhh, the hell with it!
The west .... is the best ..... Go West, Young Man.  (04/10/2004) -- The western wing of Eastwood Mall.  On my first picture-taking pilgrimage in October 2003, I thought this wing had been closed ..... the truth was, Parisian had much of it cordoned off for extra space to use for a clearance sale. 

Many treasures lost were to be seen in this section of the mall.

Kindly address your sympathy cards to....  (04/10/2004) -- The Hallmark store, which closed in the Summer of '03. 

Losing this store was a blow for Eastwood, as this was the mall's oldest tenant.  The man who owned it was the same one who opened the shop along with the mall in 1960.


When you care enough to git while the gittin's good
We're now at the halfway point of our Ghost Tour ...... you may sit down at one of the pay benches (.50 per minute) if you need to catch some rest.

If you haven't yet familiarized yourself with Topper the Tip jar, I strongly advise you to give him some of those green slips of paper in your wallet.



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